Rental requirements

1 .- Passport.
2 .- valid driver's license. A foreign license is valid in Costa Rica for 90 days.
3 .- Minimum 23 years of age.
4 .- Credit Card (AMEX, VISA, MASTER CARD) with sufficient credit to cover the deductible (excess) of the chosen insurance, plus the value of income.

Basic Insurance

1 .- Release of liability, for any damage caused to the rented vehicle due to collision and rollover.
2 .- release of liability for total or partial theft.
3 .- Insurance for damage caused to the property of others.
4 .- Insurance for injury and death caused to third parties
5 .- deductible for damage and theft: $ 750. Coverage: The value of the damage.
6 .- deductible for damage to property of others: 20 ‰. Maximum coverage: 20 million colones.
7 .- No deductible for injury and death of others. Maximum coverage: 100 million colones per event.

Supplemental Coverage

SDW Insurance (Supplemental damage waiver)

Basic Insurance is extra. Coverage extends to rental car:

1 .- Vandalism.
2 .- crane rental car.
3 .- Specialized assistance 24-hour roadside Map free at no extra cost.
4 .- tires and windshield.

Deductible: SDW with no deductible (excess) for damage to the rented vehicle.

SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance)

Basic Insurance is extra. Extends coverage to third parties:
1 .- Maximum coverage of $ 2 million.
Deductible: SLI with no deductible (excess) in the third party insurance

• More tax $ 1.15 Daily

• Deposits are more estimated the rent income in credit card.

• Full Cover: $ 20 for compact sedans, $ 22 for medium and $ 25 for large (DAILY)