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Costa Rica

About Costa Rica

Territorial Division of the Country
Costa Rica has an area of 51,100 km². Bordered on the north by Nicaragua, southeast by Panama, east by the Caribbean Sea to the west and southwest by the Pacific Ocean. The country is divided into 7 provinces (one of which is the capital district), which in turn are divided into counties and in districts.

Costa Rica has a population of approximately 4159.757 inhabitants, of which 49% are women. 94% of residents are white or mestizo, 3% are black, 1% is Amerindian, other 1% is Chinese and the remaining 1% is composed of other ethnicities. Of the total population, 27.8% are between 0 and 14, 66.4% are between 15 and 64 and those over 65 years account for 5.8%.

Spanish is the official language. However, English is practiced in some cantons.

The official currency is the Colón (1 colón = 100 cents). No ambargo the US dollar is accepted in almost all retail outlets.

The main agricultural exports are coffee, snuff, banana, pineapple and cocoa, among others. The main industries are tourism, call center "INTEL", exports of electronics and medical. The GDP is approximately 20.77 billion a year. The sectors contributing to GDP are: services (63%), industry (22%) and agriculture (15%). Unemployment is around 6.6% and about